On Zeus

Hey Scott,

Thinking about the great Tiny Lister, I’m all of a sudden realizing how
crazy it was that they put Zeus out in front of the wrestling world with,
clearly, no training whatsoever. With, if I remember correctly, the
expectation that he was going to Main Event WM6. Compare that to now, they
won’t even let experienced wrestlers into their ring without years of
re-training. I know, it was a different time and everything, but if this
guy was so important to their plans, why wouldn’t they take a week and
teach him how to, at the very least, do a press slam or some such power


Given the rumor that No Holds Barred was rewritten by Hulk and Vince one weekend on a coke binge, I don’t think forethought was something used very often with the situation. Plus it was basically a case of needing to strike while the iron was hot with Zeus anyway.