Reigns brings good?

My apologies in advance for a question about Roman Reigns.

With Reigns’ supposed lack of cardio coming into question with long stretches of non-involvement in his last two PPV/Network special appearances, the fear is that walking across AT&T Stadium might blow him up long before things get cooking with Trips.

With that said, could this merit the return of the ring carts to take wrestlers to and from the ring?

​I wish they would, those things were AWESOME. Really gave you the feeling that they were in a massive stadium, instead of blocking off 20% of the seats with a giant stage and ramp and making it seem like a bigger version of the same PPV arena.

I do worry though that Dean Ambrose would accidentally get run over by one of them, or Brock Lesnar might throw one into the crowd off-handedly. So I’d advise caution.