Why is Vince doing this NOW?

We’ve heard it all: Vince doesn’t listen to fans anymore, he buries fan favorites, he’s gonna push Reigns no matter what, but here’s what i don’t get: Why is he doing this NOW?

When the fans backlashed against Batista vs. Orton for WM30, Vince changed his mind and put Bryan in the main event. When the fans backlashed against Reigns winning the title at WM31, Vince had Rollins cash in and take the title away. Not to mention, when something isn’t working and it’s really clear with the audience, Vince either changes the plans or aborts them most of the time.

And here we are, with Vince doing everything in his power to make sure that he gets what he wants no matter what. What is it about this occasion that’s made him like this NOW? Is it because he’s gotten too sensitive over the last two years of fan backlash? Or is he simply getting too damn old for this?

​Hey, HHH could always retain the title at WM and then drop it at Extreme Rules to someone else, you never know. Meltzer was pretty sure that the gruesome beating put on Reigns at the end of RAW was a message of some kind. ​