Rated PG?

Am I the only one that thinks it’s bullshit that the only people who are allowed to disregard the PG policy are either McMahons or people who are screwing McMahons? Something tells me HHH wasn’t fined six figures for showing Roman Reigns bloody face up close to the camera. Here I thought the purpose of the PG era was to recycle the fan base and somewhere down the line recreate their own attitude era. I had no idea it was to make using profanity a way to make Vince McMahon of all people pop a crowd.

​Well I guess you haven’t been paying attention over the past decade, PAL. The rules are absolutely different for those in charge and it’s been that way with Vince for a long time. He would write letters to Ted Turner whining and complaining about how blood is "barbaric" and then go on TV and bleed buckets to get the Austin angles over, for example. ​