Fantasy Booking the IWC

Boy, all this Shane/Reigns talk makes me long for the days of Cena heel turn, when is CM Punk coming back, and Daniel Bryan being held down.
In the comments we were talking about how much love 1989 Lex Luger would have gotten from the IWC had it been around back then. So my question is: If it’s around in that time, how does the IWC react to the 1989 NWA? Is it all around praise for the workrate? Is there backlash pushing the vanilla Steamboat and the older Funk instead of up and coming/hitting their stride Sting, Luger, Mutah, the Steiners? Are the Dynamic Dudes as universally hated?

Well, we’ll be getting to 1989 in the WON Flashbacks soon. But the internet WAS around and there was indeed praise for the workrate and then backlash against Steamboat. The crowd reactions at Bash 89 are a scary accurate representation of what people felt at the time.