Random Raw Rambling

Hello Scott,

Raw last night got me (wishful?) thinking. It seemed the show was injected with a little dose of attitude.
Could this mean the WWE is moving toward a more mature audience? Perhaps with a Shane run separate brand?
On top of that, Cena has been teasing taking a huge gamble. With the way they set up the Shane/Taker match,
there could be no way Shane wins this match right? Unless…he is getting some help from a returning Cena!
Again, it could just be my imagination running wild, but still it does not sound too implausible.
If you are shying away from a PG oriented era to more adult programming, what better statement can you make than giving Cena some edge back by basically screwing the Undertaker.
What do you think?

So you think they’re gonna go back to the Attitude Era and turn Cena heel? I feel like all we need is a Montreal reference and rebooking the Invasion for the Grand Slam.