Wrestling Observer Flashback–10.31.88

Time to calm down and discuss something other than Roman Reigns today.  Back to 1988!

– So finally, because even Dave is sick of talking about it, the papers were signed on the Ted Turner purchase of Jim Crockett Promotions, and the ownership change takes effect on 11/1.  Dave doesn’t foresee any major changes to the product in the immediate future, which is true.

– Roddy Piper’s movie “They Live” was actually bumped from its original release date of 10/21 because they didn’t want to run against Halloween IV and have too many scary movies out at once, and will now debut a couple of weeks later.  If it can turn a profit, Piper is probably done with wrestling.

– Dave finally watched “Learning the Ropes” and doesn’t think it’s QUITE as bad as people are saying.  I dunno what show he was watching then. He does note that it’s kind of a huge embarrassment that the show was put together with the goal of getting Crockett guys over, you know like Ricky Morton and Tully Blanchard, who are now with other organizations.  (Say what you will about Vince, but that shit would NEVER fly with him.  If you do a WWE movie, you’re locked up long term.)  The announcing on the show is worse than a million David Crocketts put together, though, and the show can’t quite decide if wrestling is worked or not.

–  Dusty Rhodes is trying to make sure that his match against the Road Warriors at Starrcade is positioned as the main event, so that he can be viewed as “indispensible” to the new owners.  Sting is “just the messenger boy” in the angle because fans know who the “real star” is. 

– It’s a slow news week, so Dave goes into a big discussion of steroids, talking about stuff that doesn’t get frequently brought up, like the long-term heart problems associated with them.  Well, we’d certainly find out about THAT problem in the worst way in years to come.

– In case you’re wondering about the AWA v. IWGP title match with Jerry Lawler v. Tatsumi Fujinami that we talked about last time, it was a DQ finish, so everyone keeps their title. 

– Dave is getting really sick of the Lawler-Von Erich matches, by the way.  They’ve killed the gimmick off now and houses on both sides are way down.  They have a unification match booked in a cage for 10/23 and Dave wonders how they’ll get out of that one now. 

– Over in World Class, they’re really serious about reorganizing.  Embry is the new booker with Skandor Akbar assisting him, and Frank Dusek was removed from power completely and will only be playing the Jack Tunney role onscreen.

– The US tag title tournament, which will be exclusively on the syndicated shows, started this week and fill come down to Sheepherders v. Fantastics so they can do flag matches around the horn afterwards. 

– Dave thinks that the Rick Steiner turn is going to be huge, but that and the Warriors turn are about the only things really hot right now.  Sting needs a title in the worst way or he’s going to lose steam as well since he’s booked against the Road Warriors on house shows and probably won’t be winning any of THOSE matches. 

– The Ricky Steamboat talks are dead, by the way.

– BREAKING NEWS!  Dave cuts into his own territory report to note that in fact Jerry Lawler won both titles in that cage match, although Kerry will likely get it back soon.  Next week, as it turned out. 

– MORE BREAKING NEWS!  Jim Crockett is officially denying that any deal for the company has been done.  Dave mocks the the whole thing as a ridiculous soap opera.

– Continental has been rapidly swirling down the toilet since Eddie Gilbert left as booker, so they held an emergency meeting to try to salvage something.  Spoiler:  It didn’t work.

– Dave scrawls in pen at the end “They aired the Hogan-Bossman angle this week.  Expect Terry Taylor to turn babyface by the end of the year.”  Duly noted.

THAT’S ALL FOR THIS WEEK!  Back to Roman Reigns.