Reigns is on everyone who gives that stupid company 9.99 a month.

> "The reason the product is so poor is on all of you. Agreeing to give the company 9.99 a month no matter what (but nxt is great so I’m not really gonna cancel) means they don’t have to listen to your boos or your cheers. The wrestling community has essentially given away their voice. I cancelled my scrip more than a year ago, but the lot of you that complain and hate it will continue to hope and pray things just magically turn around. Nothing changes until 100,000 people all cancel their sub then and there. How many times have the booger eaters made #cancelsub a trend? Whats it done? Nothing. You’re all slaves and the wwe has you and they know it, so we get reigns thanks to all you dweebs with your 9.99 subscriptions. You wanna get what you want ? Cancel your sub, take that money and go watch good wrestling and subscribe to the new japan sub.
> Oh but you can’t cancel because "THAT LIBRARY! THEY JUST ADDED ARKANSAS GLOBAL WRESTLING WITH BILLY WILLIAMS FROM 72, NOW THATS GREAT WRESTLING!!" Fuck all you that complain to no end and continue to give these dingbats your money month in and month out. "

Wait, they added Arkansas Wrestling from 72? WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME?!?