Undertaker opponents

Hi scott,

everyone needs to add up to 100 percent how would you allocate the percentage of likelihood they may be Takers opponent. Using only people "not on the roster"


1. Shawn Michaels

​200%. With a margin of error plus or minus 200%. Maybe more. It can be the "This time if I beat you, you REALLY retire!" match. Loser must take a bump on a casket.​

2. Stone Cold

-568%. I mean, Vince hates rematches and we’ve already seen Austin v. Undertaker a bunch of times.

3. Sting

​If you mean the singer, then 2%, assuming there’s not a Police reunion concert that night. Maybe 1%. If you mean the wrestler, then it seems unlikely unless they’ve cloned Steve Borden and replaced him with someone that doesn’t have a neck likely to rupture from the first suplex. ​

4. Batista

10% if Undertaker suddenly starts going on a hateful tirade against gays.

5. Rock

Ole Anderson or Don Muraco? Either one seems like a stretch, frankly.

6 Kurt Angle

Pretty sure that pesky contract with TNA prevents this one. But we’ll say 0.01% anyway.

7. Goldberg

Hey, it’s Vince’s money if he wants to waste it. Could definitely happen, but Goldberg didn’t boost business 15 years ago when he might have mattered. 30% chance.

8. other

​I see a bright future for this guy. 50% chance.​