Hello Scott,

Longtime reader, anyway. After seeing the tour de force that was Dada vs. Kimbo, it got me thinking about the Royal Rumble. Who had better cardio at the Royal Rumble: Napping Reigns or Suplex Machine Steiner? Just how bad is Roman Reigns cardio? It can’t really be so bad that he has to take a nap during the Rumble.

​You’d think that he’d have to do some serious roadwork to develop those meaty thighs, PAL. And hey, Umaga had some pretty good cardio back in the day, but then he was also on a shitload of drugs as it turned out. Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel like booking Samoans to go an hour in a Royal Rumble isn’t exactly playing to their strengths as workers. Maybe Vince should focus more on having him no-sell headbutts and being confused by footwear. ​