The SmarK Rant for World Class Championship Wrestling – 01.23.83

The SmarK Rant for WCCW – 01.23.83

Taped from Dallas, TX

Your host is Bill Mercer

The Great Yatsu v. The Samoan

Yoshiaki Yatsu was a high-level Japanese amateur wrestler who unfortunately got robbed of a chance to compete in 1980 when everyone boycotted the games.  He went on to be a huge star in Japan, but never did anything of note in the US.  Yatsu throws Samu around with suplexes and quickly finishes him with a cobra sleeper at 2:45.  Today someone like him might be pretty big business in the US because he was more like Kurt Angle than Mr. Fuji, but back then it was all about mystic Oriental bad guys and stuff.

David Von Erich is ready to just straight up kill the Freebirds.

Michael Hayes v. Jose Lothario

Mercer describes Jose as “the very popular young man from Mexico”, which is hilarious considering that Lothario was already over 50 and looked like someone’s grandfather.  Lothario has one hand taped, which Hayes milks for over 2:00 while trying to convince the ref to make him undo the tape.  That finally works, and we get another 3:00 of stalling while Hayes runs away and hides in the ropes.  Finally Lothario takes him down and works a toehold for a long time before Hayes makes the ropes and takes over with a cheapshot.  Jose puts him down with a kneecrusher and goes back to the leg again, but Hayes gets a kneedrop for two.  Neckbreaker gets two.  Suplex gets two.  Elbowdrop gets two with time rapidly running out.  Lothario makes the comeback and fires away, but the time expires at 15:00 as the Freebirds run out to prevent Jose from doing any more damage.  Nothing to the match for the most part, but it had great crowd heat.  **

Meanwhile, Bill Mercer sits down with King Kong Bundy, who just weeks ago was at rock bottom after getting fired and left working the docks but now heads up an evil organization called Devastation Inc.  Mercer is wondering who the mysterious money man is.  Bundy calls him on the phone, but won’t reveal who the secret benefactor is, except that he has tons of money from oil and gas.  I like the mystery aspect of the storyline, although obviously anyone with any knowledge of wrestling would know who ran Devastation Inc.

King Kong Bundy & The Great Kabuki v. Al Madril & Bugsy McGraw

The faces double-team Kabuki to start, but Bundy comes in and overpowers Madril.  Bugsy chokes him out in the corner, however, before Kabuki comes back in and puts Madril down with a superkick for two.  Bundy drops a knee for two, but a second try misses and it’s hot tag Bugsy.  Bundy quickly cuts him off, but McGraw makes the comeback and slugs it out with both heels.  Bugsy goes up and misses the diving headbutt, and Bundy puts him away with the big splash at 9:28.  Felt like this should have been a stronger win for the heels.  *1/2

Pretty weak show this time, but then whenever they would stray away from the Freebirds – Von Erichs main feud it always cooled off.