Reign’s music

I know its been brought up before, but isn’t it time Reigns gets new music? Not that it would make a huge difference in fan approval, but The Shield is over. Ambrose and Rollins have their own music and changed their outfits. They’ve modified Reigns’ outfit slightly by adding his logo on his chest, but he still has The Shield’s music. And when The Shield reunites, as every group does, that music will be associated with Reigns’, not The Shield. Did Jim Johnston get suspended for being playful with Vince or something?

​Apparently he’s actually being phased out and trying to work more in the film division, although I heard that months ago so I don’t know if that’s accurate anymore. It would certainly explain the glut of shitty entrance music as of late. Just hire Jimmy Hart and Rick Derringer to do entrance music again. They’d come up with something badass for Reigns!