Question for the blog-Taker @ WM 32

Hey Scott,

With it now being confirmed that Takers opponent at 32 isn’t a main roster guy, and unless it’s Stephen Amell, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that they might be bringing Baron Corbin up to do the job?

Separate question: with the exception of Lesnar, who didn’t need the rub in the first place, has *anybody* who’s faced Taker at Mania ever really gotten any sort of career traction, or do they all just line up on the off chance chance that he might actually help build a new star?

​I dunno, I think that the whole "giving the rub" thing has largely become a fallacy in the modern era anyway. When no one draws, there’s no rub to give, ya know?

And it won’t be Baron Corbin. No way they have that much faith in him. ​