On a scale of 1-10, how stupid is this idea?

Undertaker vs. The Miz at WM 32.

It sounds silly, but the Miz is having great matches, would get as much heat against UT as anyone else, would do half-decent promos, and could lose without hurting him as a character.

I mean, I wouldn’t even think of this idea if you could do Brock/Taker IV, or Cena/Taker, or Sting/Taker, but if those are off the table, how bad is Miz/Taker?

(Actually, I know they advertised that Brock/Taker III was the last of the series, but would it be that terrible if they did it one more time? Every match between them has been notable, and the last one was off-the-charts fun with the ripping up of the ring. I’d love to see that. Is the audience burned out on it?)

​They never should have done that Cell match in October. Ended up being a total waste of both guys. I mean, the match was great, but it did nothing for the bottom line from what I remember. It would have been a way bigger match to wait until Wrestlemania, which is what they initially planned. ​

As for the Miz idea…I’m gonna say no. Pretty sure Undertaker isn’t going to waste a WM payday on Miz, either.