Best of WWE’s SNME

Hello Scott,

I’m a longtime fan of yours and discovered you, CRZ, and the others, and the sites you used to write for back in 1998. Ahem. I officially started watching the WWF in the summer of 1990, and I still have my WWF Magazines from ’90-’94, as well as the Classic-branded trading cards. I haven’t watched it in at least 10 years, but I do look to see what the card and HoF for WrestleMania is going to be. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I didn’t get a chance to go to the Fan Fest for WrestleMania XXXI last year.

Anyway, a few Christmases ago, I wandered by the DVD section at Walmart and noticed that the WWE sets were $5. The inner child in me picked up SNME…but not before I read your review, other sites’ reviews, and Amazon first. It appears I made a good investment with the DVD. The complaints I had were the same as everyone else’s, and I would have loved to have seen the Halloween bit in its entirety.

Like you and other fans, I would have liked to have seen a second volume, or even the complete set. It was great to hear actual themes that were not overdubbed (except for Steamboat/Express at the first SNME).

With that in mind, I went to Wikipedia and chose over two dozen matches that I think would make a decent second set, although I’ve only seen a few of them, and that was on YouTube.

Best of SNME Volume 2 Fantasy Set:

3: Hogan/Andre vs Heenan Family, Santana vs Savage

5 & 7: Bulldogs vs Dream Team

13: Hogan vs Bundy (1987)

16: Bulldogs vs Demo

17: Jake vs Rude, Harts vs Demo

18: Hercules vs Virgil

19: Brutus vs Bass; highlights on the first set…it looked like a decent match.

20: Hogan vs Bad News, Rockers vs Busters

21: Demos vs Busters

22: Beefcake vs Savage, Demos vs Busters

23: Santana vs Martel (both with their Survivor Series team)

24: Warrior vs Andre

25: Dusty vs Rude

27: Warrior vs Rude, Rockers vs Demo

28: Dusty vs Savage, Hogan/Tug vs R&B

30: Savage vs Jake

32: Cena/HHH vs Angle/Rey/Orton

34: Batista/Benoit vs MVP/Edge; okay, maybe it’s too soon for Benoit

There you go…opinions? What non-match vignettes from these episodes would you include as extras? I would have liked to have seen a montage of all of the pre-show rants with the theme looping in the background that would lead into an extended version of the SNME intro.

Keep up the great work!

​​I dunno, I’m kind of over the whole DVD collection thing when I just watch whichever episode I want on the Network for $9.99 a month. Some good choices on the list, however.