50/50 Killing Current Generation

Was thinking about your comments on 50/50 and too many stop/start pushes killing off Barrett as a star.

And it seem likes really no one outside of Cena and The Shield are protected from 50/50 booking and it makes the whole roster seem like a bunch of scrubs.

In the 90s both companies would breakout former 80s stars to renew interest in current product. Flair, Piper, Macho Man all would be used as "returning stars" if business needed a boost.

In the 2000s and into this decade they bring back Attitude era stars.

In 2030 is a surprise Royal Rumble entrant of Dolph Ziggler going to get a massive pop? Is Shaemus coming back after a few years in retirement really going to spark renewed interest in the product?

They might need to start making new stars soon?

​If by soon you mean "five years ago", sure. ​