Super-Cena vs. The Dark Knight

I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. WWE is in a jam, and Cena is out for "months". Low and behold Cena miraculously returns early and is main eventing again. With about 6-7 weeks till Mania, and no feud for Taker in sight (unless Mark agrees to wrestle the big hugger) am I alone in thinking Super Cena bails the company out again, walks out, points to the sign and challenges Taker? They can mooch off the Batman v Superman ads for the feud too!

Bonus Question, if that does happen and Cena does in fact return, do they main event or does HHH make the same mistake for a third time and demand to go on last?

​I dunno, I feel like Super-Cena might be running out of yellow sun energy at this point in his career. You can only injure your shoulder and arm so many times. But yes, it’s certainly not outside of the realm of possibility that it could happen. But they should still put HHH v. Reigns on last for a variety of reasons, and they likely would.