Hi Scott. Long time fan. I really love the blog. I was sick this week and watched a ton of botchamanias and a question popped into my mind. Why did Sabu get booked so much by so many promotions? I think he is outrageously dangerous to himself and to those he works with. In addition to the safety issue, his matches are awful because everything gets botched, so i dont get the entertainment value from having him booked either. Did his botchiness become the reason to watch him? I know he was edgy at the time but i dont get him or his appeal.

Sabu was a fantastic and innovative worker for the time. I used to hunt down tapes of his stuff all the time. Once he got in ECW and had a regular position, he actually got kind of lazy. It was better for his long-term health, but the early matches with Waltman or Jerry Lynn were crazy stuff and way ahead of their time. ​