HHH/Rock Mania Main Event


So just for the fun of it lets pretend that The Rock can get Hollywood’s ok to wrestle and Vince is willing to pay whatever the Rock wants. Why not got with HHH vs Rock for the title as the main event. It would be easy to set up, the 3 way match at Fast Lane ends in a no contest, HHH comes out the next night and brags that no one is worthy of facing him at Wrestlemania, Rock’s music hits and he invokes his rematch clause that he never used, after losing the title in 2013. Think about it…the match would be fresh, (HHH vs Rock hasn’t be done in 15 years) would not be lacking for star power for the main event, and would get some mainstream attention. You can have Triple H go over through shenanigans, then have him drop it at Extreme Rules to…I don’t know…lets say Mo, (or Dean Ambrose.) Your thoughts?

​I was totally fine with the HHH/Rock nostalgia match they were building towards all year, but in no way shape or form should it be for the title in 2016. The whole point of putting it on HHH was to give Reigns the theoretical rub of winning it from a tippy top guy at Wrestlemania, and if you’re doing HHH/Rock then you free up a main event slot for the World title match as a separate thing without having to worry about a strong main event. ​