Question about your reviews/materials for sale

I just saw this review of Starcade 85 The Gathering, which reminds me:

Do you have reviews of all the NWA shows now in the WWE network vault? I see that they have 1985-1987 up…and I’d love to read along with you as I watch.

I was hoping you might have them included in your 20 dollar package you sell.

Thank you…

​Between the WWE Network and WWE 24/7 rants that are in there, I have everything from June ’85 – December ’86, minus a few weeks in 85 that 24/7 randomly skipped over for some reason, so yes, it’s mostly complete. I might need to go back and fill in some gaps from 86 now that the Network has seemingly filled in all their holes as well, although sadly the Network library only goes back to November ’85, aka the formation of the Four Horsemen.