Most Unusual Matches

Not to be confused with the name of an old Coliseum Video. What are some stand-out matches you can think of where the participants seemed out of place with each other for whatever reasons, be it a great difference in card placement or maybe a blend of two eras. To get the ball rolling, I was just watching an old Coliseum Video featuring a tag team match with Brutus Beefcake and Hulk Hogan against the Beverly Brothers, with Hogan cheating like crazy and using Jimmy Hart’s Mega-Phone to get the pinfall. It was an awful match, but Hogan vs. the Beverly Brothers? And Hogan needs to cheat to pin e of them? Odd. I guess it was taped for a Prime Time special leading to WrestleMania 9, but was scrapped for whatever reasons (being awful didn’t stop a lot of stuff making TV back then).

​WCW used to do that kind of wacky mix-and-match stuff on Nitro all the time, where you’d get Luchador X v. Dungeon of Doom member in these complete style clashes that made no sense.

Probably one of the best ones I’ve seen in the WWF was the series of matches between Bruno Sammartino and Randy Savage, which just seems like a weird combination but worked like a mofo. Even better, it led to a glorious series of tag team matches with Savage & Adrian Adonis against Bruno & Tito Santana that also shouldn’t have worked but were actually awesome. I always found post-IC title Pedro Morales to be a strange anachronism as well, especially when he was jobbing to guys like Honky Tonk Man or whatever. And of course Bob Backlund was a man out of time in 1993 before he turned heel and suddenly became great again.