Hodgepodge of Questions

Hi Scott,

Knuckleberry Pinn from the Blog. First time writer, buyer of two books, yada yada yada. I have a few random questions that I would love your input on.

1) Why not put the title on Shawn for a month in December of ’03? He can lose it back at to HHH at Royal Rumble in the Last Man Standing Match, and Wrestlemania XX’s main event can stay exactly the same. The Raw match between HBK and HHH was one of the greatest I have ever seen, and it was in Shawn’s hometown? Why not just perfect the moment?

​After the initial title win at Survivor Series 2002, Shawn was offered the belt again several times and refused it. I kind of wish he would have taken it a few times, in fact. ​

2) Wrestlemania IV gets slammed as a pretty boring pay per view, with the tournament dragging on. Given the fact that Hogan vs Andre had already happened twice at this point, and that Dibiase was so new, was there anything that the WWE could have even done to keep the momentum from a huge main event the year before?

​I think that the Hogan-Andre cage match idea had legs and probably would have made the show a much bigger success. Keep the belt on Dibiase after the Main Event and somehow position Savage into a title match, and you’ve got a winner, I think. ​

3) At around the time Austin went out injured in November of 1999, were fans beginning to grow bored of him, and beginning to favor The Rock instead? I was an unabashed Rock fan during this time so I could not evaluate objectively. Similarly, when Austin came back in late 2000, and headed to Wrestlemania X-7, was it the reverse, with the crowds starting to favor Stone Cold over Rocky?

​In 2001 it was just the wrong time and wrong place to turn Austin. Any other stadium and it might have worked. And yeah, I’d say in 99 people were getting a bit burned out on Austin and were ready to make Rock into the big star on top for a while. ​

4) Are we just not going to see a big star emerge from getting a clean victory over Brock? Lesnar ended the streak, and then squashed Cena, so whoever beat him cleanly after this would seemingly get a huge rub. Reigns almost did before the Rollins cash-in, and now it seems that the someone conquering Lesnar idea has been put on hold.

​Well, I mean, HHH already did it. Just saying.