Cutting the Cord

I know your blog is primarily wrestling, however, I’m enough of a long time reader to know that you and others have cut the cord. So question to all the people….how much do you pay for just internet? I currently have TV and Internet and really want to cut the cord and just have internet. Problem is, only internet providers in my area are Comcast and Verizon, both of which charge at least $60 a month for internet only. Comcast is actually going to charge me MORE than what I’m paying now if I cancel the TV portion of my package and just have internet. How are people saving hundreds by getting rid of cable? I’m paying $75 for basic TV and internet in a one year promo period… $80 a month for just internet if I get rid of TV! How do you guys do it?

​Sorry, bro, I actually uncut the cord because Sasktel offered a promo deal where you get everything for $30 a month for a while. Now it’s expensive again and I’ll probably drop the TV portion for the summer, but at the moment I can watch Flash and Legends of Tomorrow live as they happen (or at least the same night on DVR) instead of waiting until the next day for Hulu. Cord-cutting in Canada is actually really hard because the cable/internet companies also own all of the TV stations, so you get stuff like Bell whining and complaining about Netflix not going after VPN users and such. Plus in the US you have services like Sling that allow you to just subscribe to what you want and be done with it. Up here the government has actually mandated that the greedy cable companies provide a basic package for $20 a month starting March 1, but you wouldn’t know it because literally none of the cable providers will say a word about it until they’re forced by law to provide it.