Wrestling Life on Mars

Recently watched a show Life on Mars about a policeman who finds himself in 1973. It got me to thinking, if you were transported to 1973, where would you want to be located in terms of a territory?

​Well as long as it didn’t turn out that I was literally a Martian astronaut dreaming about time travelling…

Good question, actually. I’d be arriving just after the heyday of Bruno’s title reign and I’m not a big Pedro Morales fan, so New York wouldn’t do much for me. Stampede was pretty hot for most of the 70s but then I’d have to live in Calgary. Although really my dad was watching on TV when I was a kid and that’s only a year before I was born anyway.

Probably I’d go with Memphis, with Lawler on the way up and the territory still really strong, or maybe AWA for young Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis and such. ​