NwA ’89 Exodus & IC tag straps

Ok so I’m just farting around online & checking out the blog as well. Firstly what was up with this mass exodus of NwA talent leaving for the WWF around ’89-’90? Terry Taylor, Bossman, Powers of Pain, Rugged Ronnie, Widowmaker, Tully & Arn, Dusty, Mean Mark, eventually L.o.D & Sid, ANNNND apparently just missed on Nature Boy in ’88? C’mon. What gives. Vince legit had his first chance at a true invasion. Why take in all these JCP guys, were the Horsemen ever in the cards(Paul Roma style), and I’m guessing not but was an invasion ever even discussed?

And secondly I also read in ’89 because of the influx of new tag teams, & with the current players, Vince was seriously considering Intercontinental Tag Team straps? Legit? How close to happening?
Young Stallions IC tag champs?

​Morning, y’all. Thanks to the other Blog crew who kept things going while I was laid out in bed for the past 48 hours with sinusitis. I literally couldn’t even check my mail.

Anyway, Turner cut the budget for WCW a lot, and there was just a lot of guys who were getting bigger offers elsewhere. Look at the roster by 1990 when Ole Anderson takes over — it’s like Sting, Luger, Flair and then all the way down to JYD and Paul Orndorff as the biggest stars. ​And no, there was never any invasion angle in the cards. Never heard of IC tag champions either, except in PWI articles.