Royal Rumble: Was Pat that good or is 2016 that bad?

Hi Scott,

I was just wondering, as you’ve numerous times, the Rumble has gone noticably downhill since, let’s say 2012. The consensus has been that Pat leaving was the reason for the significant drop in quality but I have to question this.

The Royal Rumble isn’t brain surgery. Basically, build up deadwood and have an uppercarder clear it out. 1 or 2 surprises and have whoever win. I love Pat as much as the next guy (who isn’t … you know) and the Rumble is a genius concept but it’s genius BECAUSE it’s simple.

Isn’t it more likely the case that the WWE is just run by the Keystone Cops? (Yeah, I’m old. Wanna fight about it?)

​Well, the Rumble concept itself is simple, but a lot of Patterson’s apparent genius with it was timing when guys go in and out and what happens in between. Jericho in there directing traffic for 30 minutes certainly appeared to help out a lot this year, but I bet if you put someone like Steve Austin on the gorilla position and had him time it out as well, things would be even better. ​