Paul Heyman: Wrestler Killer

I was just strolling through the BOD today when I saw that Axl Rotten had died and it got me thinking. Vince get’s a ton of flack for wrestlers dying young ( and rightfully so) but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone mention Paul Heyman in that conversation.

If you think about it; with all the wrestlers that have died young over the last 15 plus years, a huge amount of them had a stint in ECW. It would take all day to actually list everyone that spent time in ECW that is now dead. As much as drugs have played a factor in these guys deaths, the hardcore style of wrestling may have been an even worse factor. Especially as we learn more about head injuries.

Paul E is generally loved by most smart fans,but why do more people not throw some blame on him for how many of his former employees that are now dead?

​I’m pretty sure Paul thinks about it himself, especially when you watch matches like Tanaka v. Awesome, but here’s the thing: WWE wants to take all the credit for wrestling history, and with that comes all the blame for the bad stuff as well. Ultimately the guy who has been controlling the industry as a whole for more than 20 years now is Vince McMahon, and if we had known about a lot of this stuff in 1998 things probably would have been a lot different. Plus with ECW, I think it was of the wrestlers themselves deciding to go out there and whack each other in the head with chairs and piledrivers through tables and such. But yeah, it was definitely a hard style, and Paul didn’t really discourage anyone from it, for sure.​