BoD Daily Update

ESPN Interview with Daniel Bryan

The interview, conducted by Jonathan Coachman, aired last night on SportsCenter. Click on the link below to listen:

WWE Wrestler Suspended 

Titus O’Neill has been suspended by the WWE. He was informed of this at last night’s Smackdown Taping in Portland due to “unprofessional conduct.” At RAW this past Monday, Titus grabbed owner Vince McMahon in a “playful, physical manner” and got shoved away, which made it to air. The word going around is that he could miss up to 90 days of action.

WWE Concerned With Merchandise Sales for John Cena and Roman Reigns?

Right now, Cena’s merchandise sales are way down from where they were last year. Also, Reigns sales are nowhere near enough to make up for the decrease in Cena’s sales. WWE Officials are worried that Cena’s fans are not interested in his merchandise as they get older and Cena’s sales are even declining with kids over the past few years. It has caused an overstock of his merchandise on, which is why they have been having more sales of late. With that said, Cena is still the top merchandise seller and WWE Officials are hoping that Reigns’ push towards WrestleMania 32 can works because their feeling is no one else can help fill Cena’s merchandise void.

In case you missed it, Chad Campbell looked back at Daniel Bryan’s career and legacy, from his early days through retirement: A Grateful Farewell