Daniel Bryan Tribute Video

Hey Scott,

I was hit pretty hard by the Daniel Bryan retirement announcement tonight, as I imagine a lot of fans were. It just feels like a really sad, anticlimactic, and disappointing end to a great ride (the YES! movement, Wrestlemania XXX, etc). I felt compelled to pay tribute to Bryan in whatever small way I could, so I put together this tribute video:


Maybe you’d be so kind to share it with the BoD’ers, if anybody else is like me and feeling the need to relive the road to Wrestlemania XXX right now. Probably the last great feel good moment in wrestling (..for now?)

Take care.


​Yeah, not only was it a disappointing end to the story, but for a third year in a row the Daniel Bryan Show makes whoever is supposed to main event Wrestlemania look like a second rate goof. ​