PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2015, Final Stage

August 30th, 2015

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Your hosts are Chuck Taylor and Excalibur


Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Jack Evans vs. Brian Cage

Before the match, Evans tells the crowd that what he has to say on the mic is a lot more important than their “token” chants before running down Excalibur for having shitty production values. Evans then runs down the fans he met yesterday before calling Cage a “punk ass” as the crowd starts a “save us, Cage” chant. Evans then calls Cage a “male beauty contestant” as the crowd rags on him but will always be superior to him, despite weighing 100lbs less. The match finally starts as Evans gets tossed halfway across the ring. Cage tosses Evans across the ring as the crowd thanks him for that. Cage ducks a quebrada and no-sells a pair of dropsaults before turning Evans inside-out with a lariat. Cage then tosses Evans to the floor with a press slam then brings him back inside with a vertical suplex while standing on the middle rope. Cage continues to overpower Evans as he tosses him around with release German suplexes, drawing a “suplex city” chant. After a reversal sequence, Evans catches Cage with a backslide then bridges over and gets the surprise win (4:56) **. After the match, Cage flattens Evans with a discus clothesline and the Steiner Screwdriver.

Thoughts: It was fun to watch Cage destroy Evans with a bunch of cool power moves. And Evans getting a lucky win fit his character tonight. Perfectly fine for what it was.



Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Biff Busick vs. Chris Hero

Hero boots Busick off of the top rope as he was playing up to the fans. He then hits Busick with a pair of bicycle kicks as the crowd boos. Busick comes back with a Blockbuster then hits a pair of charging elbows. Busick comes back with a German suplex after running into a forearm and that gets two. Hero blocks a Gotch Piledriver then hits a basement dropkick. Hero headbutts Busick down, who tries to fight back but fails. Hero hits a senton then a knee drop to the face. Hero even kips up after hitting another basement dropkick then chops Busick, who retaliates by spitting in Hero’s face. Busick keeps spitting after getting hit then gets punched down. Hero takes Busick down with another bicycle kick then starts pie-facing him. Busick comes back with a forearm and they have a reversal sequence that looked poorly before Hero kicks him on the back of the head. Hero gets two with a roaring elbow. Busick comes back with a German suplex as both men are down. Busick manages a reverse rollup but is met with a knee to the face while trying a European uppercut from the top rope. Hero beats on Busick in the corner then they fight up top where Busick takes him down with a headbutt after he was biting and gauging. Hero gets up and hits a bunch of elbow smashes then hits a top rope piledriver for the win (8:52) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Lots of hard-hitting offense in this one. And the piledriver from the top is a killer move. This was Busick’s final match for PWG as he was headed to the WWE Performance Center, where he is currently under a Developmental Deal.



Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: “The Villian” Marty Scrull vs. Trevor Lee

Match starts with Scrull stalling as the fans start up dueling chants. They finally lockup as Lee takes him down. Scrull takes Lee down with a wristlock and uses the Tequila Sunrise. Lee counters with a rollup then Scrull breaks cleanly in the corner. They fight over a wristlock and trade stuff on the mat that ends in a stalemate. Scrull mocks Lee by clapping and the crowd then mocks Scrull’s clap, pissing him off. The fans are all over Scrull before Lee hits a hurricarana and a crucifix. Scrull comes back with a forearm then snaps the rope in Lee’s face. Scrull taunts the fans but gets swept off. Scrull dodges a running kick from the apron then they exchange strikes on the apron. Scrull poses on a chair after taking Lee down then the action heads back inside. Scrull works the arm for a bit then sends Lee outside. He teases a dive then flips off the fans and hits an elbow smash off of the apron. They are back inside as Scrull goes back to working the arm. Lee fights back with a few kicks to the face and a few uppercuts, while selling his arm. Lee gets two with a dropkick then hits a double stomp for a nearfall. Scrull goes back on offense and hits a crossbody but Lee reverses that for a nearfall. They trade strikes from their knees then Scrull hits a Jackknife powerbomb for two. Scrull tries a tornado DDT but Lee blocks that and deadlifts him up for an Orange Crush Bomb for two. Scrull boots the injured arm of Lee then signals for the chicken wing but cannot lock it on then Lee gets two with a small package. Scrull goes outside where Lee hits a tope. Lee then runs out with a tope con hilo. Back inside, they battle up top where Scrull takes him off and hits a tornado DDT followed by the chicken wing and gets the win via submission (15:26) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match. Scrull was awesome here: both in the ring and as a heel in general. I would have rated the match higher if Lee could sell the arm better. Lee seems like a guy who can have a good match with really good opponents but other than that, I do not see any star-quality material to build upon. Granted I have only seen him here and briefly in TNA, but from that, he doesnt impress me much. However, he is still very young (only 22 years old) and has time to grow as a performer. If Scrull was six inches taller, he’d already be in the WWE or at the very least, near the top of the card in NXT.



Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

The crowd is jacked for this match. Pentagon flips off Sabre then they feel each other out. Sabre works the leg to start. Pentagon tosses his gloves to the ref before putting Sabre in some wacky stretch that the crowd loves. The crowd chants more as Pentagon puts on another stretch that looks painful. Sabre puts on a leg lock then uses a no-hands bridge and just pops himself back up, showing off tremendous agility. The two continue to put on all sorts of submission holds and the fans go nuts. Pentagon then sends Sabre into the corner with a wheelbarrow suplex and follows that up with a dropkick after jumping off of the referee’s back. Pentagon kicks Sabre down then flips him off as the crowd goes silent so they can hear the chops in the corner. Sabre blocks a chop and comes back with a floating DDT that was botched as Sabre slipped on the ropes. Pentagon dropkicks Sabre in midair and that gets two. He follows with some kicks but Sabre takes him down and hits a running kick for two. A “this is wrestling” chant busts out then Pentagon takes Sabre to the floor with a super kick. He places Sabre in a chair then flies out with a tope con hilo and wipes him out. Back inside, Sabre escapes from a package piledriver and eventually locks on the Kimura and gets the win via submission (12:29) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Really fun match here. The battle of the submissions part was quite the spectacle and each guy was able to take their style of wrestling and make it work. The fans reportedly chanted “please come back” to Pentagon when the match ended.



Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Tommy End vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

End dropkicks Bailey immediately after the bell. He uses a knee strike but misses a running kick on the outside and ends up getting kicked into the crowd. End is sitting down as Bailey lights him up with a kick. They now slug it out until Bailey hits an enziguiri. The announcers rag on Bailey’s look as the action heads inside. They have a reversal sequence that ends with Bailey catching a vicious knee strike to the back of his neck. End kicks Bailey in the chest and gets a nearfall out of that. End stays in control, using kicks and other strikes, until Bailey comes back with about a dozen kicks to the chest. End’s chest is bright red. Bailey runs into a boot then they just trade a bunch of kicks that ends with End hitting a running knee strike for two. They are now trading kicks on the apron and that ends with Bailey backdropping End. Bailey then hits a moonsault kneedrop on the apron and heads up top as End rolled back inside. Bailey tries the shooting star knee drop but End rolls away and hits a brainbuster. End hits a double stomp off of the top but Bailey is just able to beat the three count. Bailey comes back with a pair of roundhouse kicks then hits a shooting star knee drop onto the back of End and comes back with a kick (9:53) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Good lord. These two destroyed each other with kicks and knee strikes. End’s chest was beet red. This was really fun to watch but at times, the psychology seemed off, like it was just using strikes for the sake of using strikes, but still, there was never a dull moment.



Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: William Ospreay vs. Matt Sydal

These two had an excellent match in England for the Revolution Pro Wrestling Promotion in England . They stare each other down as Ospreay is a few inches taller. Sydal takes control with some mat work to start. The crowd chants for Sydal to the tune of the “ole” song. Ospreay backs Sydal into then hits some fanct armdrags before they go back-and-forth in an excellent sequence. Ospreay snaps off a rana then connects with a dropkick before stretching Sydal out on the mat. They trade chops then Ospreay cartwheels out of a rana attempt. Sydal is sitting on the mat in disbelief but ducks a kick then leaps up to hit a spin kick. That looked sweet. Sydal now works the knee then drops Ospreay on the top rope and takes him off with a flying clothesline. Sydal goes back to working the knee then turns that into a STF. Ospreay comes back with a leg sweep but gets booted in the face attempting a standing shooting star press. Sydal rolls him up for a nearfall but Ospreay comes back with an enziguiri. Sydal cuts off Ospreay as he attempted a springboard then drops him off the ropes with an Ace Crusher for a two count. Sydal as Ospreay in a tree-of-woe and stands on his groin. Sydal then tries a super back suplex but Ospreay turns that into a crossbody in midair as both men are down. Sydal hits a flurry of strikes but Ospreay comes back with a clothesline. He then hits a handspring enziguiri then a springboard missile dropkick. Ospreay sidesteps a charging Sydal then flies outside with the Fosbury Flop. He tosses Sydal back into the ring and hits a corkscrew kick then a brainbuster. He heads up top and rolls through a Phoenix Splash. Sydal tries a standing moonsault that Ospreay counters with a rollup but is able to catch him with a tornado DDT for a nearfall. They battle up top as Sydal takes him off with an inverted hurricarana but Ospreay lands on his feet. Sydal is celebrating then turns around and gets caught with a powerslam. Ospreay gets two with a corkscrew splash. Ospreay tries another handspring but Sydal snaps off an inverted rana. Ospreay rolls away from the Shooting Star Press and hits a pair of super kicks. He heads back up top and hits an inverted 450 splash for the win (15:31) ****.

Thoughts: Awesome match. Ospreay looked incredible, as did Sydal, who flew in from Georgia, where he worked the night before, to work this match. Ospreay has been one of the main standouts of this event. Definitely seek this one out.



Mt Rushmore (Roderick Strong & Super Dragon & Young Bucks) vs. Angelico & Feniz & Rich Swann & Ricochet

Match starts with Strong getting worked over by the opposing team. Nick comes in with an eye poke on Fenix then Strong hits him with a backbreaker on the apron as Mt. Rushmore is in control. Fenix fights out and tags Swann, who runs wild until the Young Bucks take him out with a double super kick. Matt does some back flips and the Fargo Strut as Swann remains in trouble. They work a long heat sequence on Swann as this is starting to drag. Nick misses a corner splash then Swann takes him off the top with a rana. Strong cuts Swann off but eats an Ace Crusher as Ricochet tags in and runs wild. Super Dragon trips up Ricochet, who fights out and takes out Strong with a dive. Fenix then takes out everyone with a tornillo, which looked great. In the ring, everyone takes turns on offense as they hit high impact moves. Ricochet almost puts Dragon away with a springboard 450 knee drop then gets the crowd behind him. Strong cuts him off of the top rope then ends up hitting everyone in all four corners with flying knee smashes. Strong then superplexes everyone, including Fenix to the outside as he crashes on everyone, prompting a “holy, moly, motherfucking shit” chant. Back inside, Mt. Rushmore works over Ricochet then Angelico. They use some creative spots here. Ricochet comes back with a brainbuster on Nick then tags out to Angelico. Super Dragon went to the back, as he likely had a concussion, as Strong is left alone in the ring and gets destroyed. The Young Bucks break up a pin after Swann hit a 450. Ricochet and Angelico fly out with running flip dives. In the ring, Mt. Rushmore dodges a bunch of flying attacks. Swann manages a quick rollup then trades strikes with Strong, who catches him with the End of Heartache for the win (19:01) ***1/4. After the match, Swann gets beat down.

Thoughts: Fun match with some cool spots. However, it was missing something and I’ll chalk that up to Super Dragon leaving with a legitimate injury. This was also Swann’s last match for PWG before heading off to the WWE Performance Center.



Battle of Los Angeles Semifinal Match: Jack Evans vs. Chris Hero

Evans has his ribs and shoulders taped up. He cuts a promo as we get a “Shut the fuck up, let him talk” dueling chant by the crowd. Evans claims to be the Rock’s favorite wrestler then says by supporting Hero, you are a disgrace. Hero lays down in the corner as Evans keeps talking and this goes on forever. They finally start the match and Evans lands a corkscrew kick after a reversal sequence. Hero sidesteps a Flying Space Tiger Drop as Evans crashes and burns on the floor. Back inside, Hero lays into Evans in the corner. He flattens him with an elbow then pulls him out from the ropes and drops him on his back. Hero hits a senton then Evans comes back with chops in the corner but Hero no-sells them before hitting an elbow smash then a powerbomb as Evans keeps on kicking out after a one-count. Hero hits a knee to the face then Evans comes back with a quick rollup for two. Springboard blockbuster gets two. Hero rolls outside then Evans hits the Flying Space Tiger Drop. Back inside, Hero catches Evans with a roaring elbow but Evans kicks out after one again. The crowd starts taunting Hero for not being able to get more than a one-count as he roughs up Evans, who takes Hero off of the top with a rana. Evans hits a standing sky twister for just one then almost puts him away with a backslide into a bridge. Hero finally gets two with a roaring elbow then hits a snap piledriver before connecting with another elbow for the win (10:18) *3/4.

Thoughts: Maybe it’s just me but I did not care for this match at all. The psychology of watching Evans keep kicking out after one then losing quickly after he was unable to do that was not enough to keep me interested. I did like Evans’ promo before the match a lot too. He should keep up this heel gimmick in PWG.



Battle of Los Angeles Semifinal Match: Will Ospreay vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Bailey catches Ospreay with a few kicks but misses a splash. Ospreay comes back with a corkscrew splash for two before taking Bailey off of the apron with a springboard stunner. Back inside, Ospreay gets a two count. He starts limping a bit before stretching Bailey out. Ospreay stays in control using submission holds, while selling his knee. Ospreay gets kicked while in midair as both men are down. That was not a good looking spot. Bailey hits a pair of running knee strikes in the corner followed by a standing moonsault knee drop for a nearfall. Bailey kicks Ospreay in the chest as he held onto the ropes then takes him outside with rapid fire kicks. They trade diving moves to the floor as Ospreay continues to sell the knee. Back inside, Ospreay gets two with a corkscrew kick but misses a Phoenix Splash and immediately clutches his knee. They fight up top where Ospreay flips and takes him down with a headscissors. Ospreay then follows the Go To Sleep with a flipping DDT but heads up top instead of making a cover as Bailey gets the knees up on an inverted 450 splash. Bailey then heads up top for the Shooting Star Knee Drop then finishes Ospreay off with the Knockout Kick (11:11) **1/2.

Thoughts: I was not a fan of this match. Ospreay was limping around and selling the leg (or legitimately hurt) and Bailey never once targeted the area. Considering the matches these two have had this weekend, it was a disappointment.



Battle of Los Angeles Semifinal Match: “The Villain” Marty Scrull vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Biff Busick now joins Excalibur on commentary. These two were former tag team partners. They shake hands to start before taking it to the mat. Neither guy can gain an advantage as they end in a stalemate. Scrull gets furstrated over the fans clapping for Sabre and ducks outside for a breather. They work a nice reversal sequence then Sabre locks on a body scissors. Sabre then works the leg until Scrull rolls through a bow-and-arrow lock. Scrull gets a few nearfalls but Sabre blocks a body scissors and stretches the legs. They work some wacky hold as they are both standing on their heads, with the crowd going nuts. Scrull then sticks his finger in his trunks and tries to put in the referee’s face as the crowd chants “you sick fuck.” Sabre gets two with a sunset flip then they work a couple double pinfalls as the fans applaud. They work a pinfall reversal sequence after Scrull fixed his bun and the crowd gives that a standing applause. Scrull then waves a fan over only to turn his back. Scrull takes control then slams Sabre into the ropes a few times. Scrull knocks Sabre down after they trade strikes then gets two with a seated senton. Sabre comes back with a few attacks in the corner. Scrull grabs a hold of Sabre’s crotch. Scrull then connects with a kick on the apron before getting two with an inverted suplex. They have a reversal sequence on the mat that ends with Scrull putting Sabre in the Cattle Mutilation. Sabre rolls out and they trade strikes until they both fall down. Scrull breaks up a cross armbreaker with a powerbomb and gets a nearfall as both guys are down again. Scrull dumps Sabre onto the top rope but gets hit with an elbow then Sabre uses a hanging cross armbreaker. Scrull boots him off and hits a tope but Sabre catches his arm. Scrull then hits a snap suplex on the floor then they eventually head back inside. Sabre hits a sitout powerbomb for two as both men are on the mat. Sabre is up first and hits a few armbreakers. Scrull then counters with a sleeper then they have a reversal sequence that ends with Sabre locking on a cross armbreaker and he gets the win (29:13) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Fun match. It mixed in some great matwork with comedy before trying high impact moves. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed this thoroughly and Scrull is one of the best at working the crowd.



Chuck Taylor & Trent? & Aero Star & Drew Galloway & Drew Gulak vs. Tommasso Ciampa & Drago & Andrew Everett & Timothy Thatcher & Mark Andrews

Ciampa and Taylor start off the match. They tease a slo-mo spot but Ciampa decks him and goes for a thumb up the ass but Taylor bails. Gulak and Thatcher work a long mat sequence before the luchadores tag in and work together. Andrews hits Taylor with a swinging DDT then follows that with a standing sky twister for two. Galloway and Ciampa hit each other hard then they all take turns teasing big spots only to hit basic heel moves. I thought it was funny. Ciampa comes back to hit Trent with a discus clothesline. Taylor tags and he gets slammed a few times then hits Andrews with a belly-to-belly on top of Everett in the corner. Gulak and Thatcher are back in and working holds until Gulak flies out with a tope. This ends with a trainwreck spot capped off with a Galloway taking everyone out with a tope con hilo. He landed on his feet and poses to the fans. Back inside, Ciampa hits Galloway low and triggers a sequence of dick shots. Ciampa then calls for a slo-mo spot as he gives Trent and Taylor thumbs up the ass. After this, it breaks down into slow motion, even by the commentators and the fans. It ends with the Best Friends dodging Shooting Star Presses and hitting them with their finishers for the win (22:52) **1/2.

Thoughts: It was a total comedy match and some stuff entertained me while some did not. A tough match to rate but this style of match is not going to fit everyone’s tastes. I did think it provided a good break in the tournament action though.



Battle of Los Angeles Finals Match: “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

The match is under elimination moves. They stare each other down before Sabre and Bailey briefly mix it up. Hero and Bailey work holds until Sabre comes in and they all work a submission on each other. That lasts for a while then Hero’s hand gets stomped and he bails while Sabre works over the leg of Bailey. Hero comes back in and they work another triple submission. They all take turns on offense before as Sabre and Bailey kick each other, in preparation on how to kick Hero as hard as they can. Bailey and Sabre then mix it up as Hero is outside. Hero breaks up a cross armbreaker with a senton. Hero beats on Bailey, who powers up until Sabre knocks him out of the ring. Hero catches Sabre with a knee smash then breaks up an octopus hold. Sabre then works a hanging kimura but Bailey breaks that up with a Shooting Star Knee drop from the top. Ouch. Bailey almost puts Sabre away with the Knockout Kick. No one can get the advantage as Bailey and Hero trade strikes. Bailey takes out Sabre with a tope then goes back inside where Hero flips him out on top of Sabre. Bailey landed on his feet and rolls through a dive but gets drilled with a bicycle kick then shoved outside on top of Sabre again. Hero then takes both of them out with a Fosbury Flop that has the crowd chanting his name. Back inside, Hero hits a pair of piledrivers before eliminating Bailey with a Gotch Piledriver (27:21). As Bailey gets helped to the back, Sabre climbs up top and hits a knee strike to the arm. Sabre locks on an armbar but Hero reaches the ropes with his feet. Sabre works a hanging Kimura but Hero turns that into a brainbuster for a nearfall. Both guys are down as the fans clap. Hero works Sabre over in the corner but fails to hit the Avalanche piledriver as Sabre kicks Hero off of the top rope. Sabre hits a running kick to the chest but Hero pops up to hit a discus elbow for two as the ref is now out when Hero inadvertently boots him in the face. Hero hits another discus elbow to the back of Sabre as that also gets two. Sabre gets out of a backslide then works over the knee and puts on a stretch that looks quite painful. Hero rolls out of the move as both men are exhausted on the mat. Sabre stomps on Hero’s elbow, as it was bent on the mat. Hero comes back with another discus elbow as both men are down. Hero tries for a Gotch Piledriver but Sabre counters that and puts on an armbar. While applying an armbar, Sabre stomps Hero’s head then puts that arm between his legs and wrenches back Hero’s other arm and gets the win via submission as Zack Sabre Jr. wins the Battle of Los Angeles Trophy (36:01) ***1/4. After the match, Sabre gets a “You deserve it” chant from the crowd. Hero then tells Sabre he deserves it as well before walking off as Sabre is laying down on the mat then picks up and raises the trophy. Roderick Strong attempts to sneak attack him from behind. They have a staredown until Strong promises to “Beat the living shit” out of Sabre when they face off, as the winner of this tournament gets a shot at the title. He leaves as Sabre thanks the fans as the U.K. guys all come out from the back to hoist Sabre

Thoughts: Good match but far from spectacular. You could really see the fatigue set in here and with good reason. This show was five hours long and Sabre had already wrestled for about 45 minutes prior to this match alone. Add that to the fact it was over 100 degrees in a building without air conditioning and I am surprised no one left in an ambulance. I have no problem at all with Sabre winning and having him win over the established veteran and the plucky underdog made for a good match.



Final Thoughts: Although not as good as the first two nights, this was still an excellent show. It was quite long but still had a lot of good matches. The fatigue really started to hit these guys as the show progressed and the fans almost seemed burned out too. I encourage all wrestling fans to check out the entire weekend.