Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug

Hey Scott,

1) How far do you think drugs messed up the career of William Regal? I feel like he wasn’t destined to be World Champ or anything but he definitely lost a good year or two and could’ve had at least a cup of coffee in the main.

2) Which wrestler do you feel would’ve changed wrestling the most if they’d been sober? Hall? von Erich (Any of them)? Gino? Pillman? Personally, I go with JYD. Maybe he woudn’t have been world champ in the Hogan era but he probably could’ve easily been the B-show main eventer with Savage and set the stage for bigger black wrestlers in the future.

​1. Yeah, it’s hard to say. There was definitely points where he was flirting with being a top guy, and he would have been a perfect foil for Steve Austin in 98/99 as Vince’s corporate stooge.

2. The Von Erichs by a mile. Kerry had so much charisma that he got the IC title while stoned and missing a foot. I can only imagine how far he would have gone if he wasn’t so damn messed up all the time. ​