Sunday Thread


Good day heathens.

I’m reticent to re-ignite last week’s debate, but what the hell, here’s Bayley doing Finn Bálor’s entrance at an NXT house show last night.

EXCLUSIVE: Bayley cheers up Finn Balor

How do you cheer up an injured WWE NXT Champion? Women's Champion Bayley showed us how in Indianapolis tonight, bringing a smile to Finn Bálor's face. #BalorClub #NXTIndy

Posted by WWE on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl 50 is later today. My money’s on Denver, mostly because I like their old helmets with the “D” on the side. The halftime show is to be headlined by Coldplay and I can only apologise in advance. Feel free to blather about “football” and football here.

Now talk, damn it!