Why I think Dean Ambrose will win at Fastlane….

I know people think that Roman Reigns is going to be the guy at Wrestlemania but I’m starting to think, how much drawing power does he really have right now? Does he really have more than a Dean Ambrose?

Plus, Triple H has gone on record saying that Roman is essentially his guy, he just won’t do whatever it takes to win which is why The Authority picked Seth Rollins to be the guy. So what if it takes Ambrose facing Triple H at Mania for Roman to finally realize that maybe he does need help and needs to do whatever it takes to win and they finally tell the story correctly by turning him heel. Thus, justifying why they never punished the guy.

​Sure, after a year of shoving him down our throats as a babyface at the expense of ratings and everyone else on the roster and bringing Vince McMahon out of retirement to put him over, they’re gonna turn him heel NOW.