The Dusty Rhodes Classic

> I’ve been thinking the Dusty Rhodes Classic on NXT might have been the best booked tournament WWF has ever produced. Perhaps even American wrestling…
> Balor/Joe win, setting up a hot feud
> Joe gets a rocket push coming out of it
> Established Baron Corbin as a good worker
> Got Jordan/Gable Dash/Dawson over
> Introduced Gargano/Ciampa effectively
> Your thoughts?

I dunno, I thought the semifinal direction was kind of questionable. I wouldn’t have put Corbin and Rhyno in the finals personally, as I think American Alpha were the stronger choice and probably even should have won. Joe and Balor didn’t need to win in order to further their feud. Joe turning on Balor there might have been even stronger in fact.

And the 87 Crockett Cup still would blow this one away, I’d say.