In the year 2000

Scott…………I’m watching old Raw’s and ppv’s from 2000.

I remember it being a great time to be a fan, and I think that still holds up today.

What amazes me now, watching back is how many people are "over". Like really over with the fans. Just to name some you’ve got Rock, HHH, Austin, Angle, Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero, Undertaker, Rakishi, Edge & Christian, Hardyz, Dudleyz, Chyna, Kane, and Mick Foley as a wrestler and the commissioner all getting big reactions from the crowd.

So……….would you agree that the year 2000 was a great year to be a fan, and what’s changed???? Are less people over now because of 50/50 booking, or are the crowds not as hot because of the stale product.

​The booking was better because they had a guy who actually planned everything out and had ideas for more than just Roman Reigns and Roman’s friends, and as a result crowds were more invested in the overall product. Now people know who’s important and who’s not and react accordingly.

It’s interesting, though, because they had to do some pretty serious retraining of the fanbase after Vince Russo left. RAW matches were so short and meaningless that fans got conditioned to only pop for highspots and got bored when it went past a minute, so as they started branching into longer matches again it would get pretty dicey. Thankfully the Radicalz were able to carry the midcard and work long matches that guys like Billy Gunn weren’t able to, and after a few months crowds were able to follow a 10 minute match instead of a 90 second one again.​