1987 Ricky Steamboat

Hey, Scott:

Steamboat’s brief IC title reign has always fascinated me. From what I’ve read, Steamboat wasn’t a great draw as champ, as his rematches around the loop with Savage post-WM III (which, I believe, headlined "B" shows) didn’t do the same kind of business as when Steamboat was chasing Savage. So…questions:

(1) Is this true? And, if so, was the reason that Steamboat was *so* convincing as the inspiring underdog that fans didn’t know what to do with him as champ?

(2) Steamboat was rumored to have a lengthy run with the IC title. Assuming he had a 12-14 month run with the belt as Savage did, who on the early 1988 WWF roster would’ve been best choice to unseat him?

​1. Yeah, both here and in ’89 Steamboat’s drawing power died off once he was champion. Given how strongly Savage was able to draw with Sammartino for the "Bruno gets revenge" tour, you’d have to think the drawing card really was Savage.

2. I feel like someone like Hercules might have got the title so it could be transitioned to Warrior. ​