Sunny video review

Hey Scott,

Not sure if you’ve seen this. I found it on a non wrestling forum in a nsfw section that’s behind a pay wall, so pasting it here. It might be floating around elsewhere. Maybe one for the blog, maybe not, being nsfw, but it is utterly hilarious. Feel like it’s only missing a star rating!

​[hilarious review deleted]

The live blog of the video is awesome, but Adsense would pull my account within about 5 minutes of posting it, so as an alternative what I’ve done is saved it in a file called "Sunny Review.docx" in the OneDrive account where I have the rant archives. So if you’re one of the lucky patrons to have access to that, you’ll find it there. Suffice it to say, it sounds like Sunny’s foray into "acting" is exactly the kind of amazing trainwreck we all hoped and wished for. Plus another hot tip from a reader: There’s apparently a loud fart at 27 minutes in. Something else to feel bad about the poor bastard working with her.​