Wrestlemania 4 Tourney


I remember being a kid around the time of the WWF title tourney at Wrestlemania 4. Now I know that the newly turned Macho Man was getting crazy crowd reactions but as a kid I still didn’t think anyone but The Hulkster was winning the tourney. My question is other than the "leaked" magazine cover spoiling the result of the tourney was it common knowledge at the time in the sheets or smark community that Savage was getting the strap or was it a legit surprise at the time?


​It was basically known about a month out that Savage was getting the belt. Once they switched the bracket from the initial announcement (which would have seen Ted Dibiase winning the tournament) there was really no other logical choice. Definitely by the time of the show there was very little secret about it.

That being said, I was a 14 year old mark at the time watching closed circuit at the arena, and I had no idea who was winning, so it’s not like the common fanbase was smartened up about it or anything. ​