How Did WMXX Happen the Way it Did?

Hey Scott,

Reading everything I’ve read about Vince over the years, how exactly did the Benoit push at WMXX happen? Guerrero I understand–he was massively over. Benoit was over, in certain situations very over, but that’s not Vince’s MO. They clearly didn’t see or use him as a tip-top guy afterwards. So what gives? No pet projects ready to have the trigger pulled in 03/04?

​Benoit was the guy to make the guy. They had no real interest in keeping Benoit strong, but they wanted Randy Orton for the future, so the entire point of the Benoit title reign was to make him a legitimate World champion so that Orton could beat him for the title and become a top guy. Everyone knew that going in, so it’s not like Benoit had any illusions about a long title reign where he drew millions on top. Everyone got their happy moment at WM20, Benoit got a few months as champion as rewards for years of great matches, Orton got to win the title in a great match. Win-win-win. ​