Alternate Mania plan

The similarities between Reigns/Ambrose 15/16 and Orton/Batista 04/05 are getting eerie. Reigns is not over at all and will be booed out of the building at Fastlane and at Wrestlemania evil corporate champion will be cheered as the face… So here’s a realistic alternative:

Step 1: The Wyatt’s interfere and take Brock out, leading to Reigns going for the spear but Dean counters to a roll up and gets the pin to a huge pop
Step 2: Roman Reigns congratulates his brother on Raw but in a whiny Bret Hart way, talking about not getting his rematch and since he’s out of the Main Event at WM he wants the next best thing: The Undertaker

Reigns fighting Taker in Texas would be huge for him and winning/losing doesn’t matter. If he wins, he’ll draw a huge negative reaction and can parlay that into a heel turn. If he loses, he can play the ultimate respect card, AND simmer watching Ambrose in the main event.

If I booked, he loses to Taker (to avoid a riot), and then turns heel on Dean… Thoughts???

​Seriously, guys, Reigns is not turning heel. They would have done it by now. You might as well all just accept that we’re getting Reigns v. HHH and Brock v. Wyatt and sleep better at night.​