Wrestling Observer Flashback–06.27.88

Back to the summer of 88 again!  This is actually a slow news week, as opposed to Dave’s usual definition of one. 

– The big story this week is the Powers of Pain jumping ship from the NWA to WWF due to neither guy wanting to take bumps off a scaffold for the Road Warriors.  Probably wise.  They will debut imminently as the Powers of Pain because Crockett never bothered to take out a trademark on the name.  Dave thinks that Vince did it to satisfy people who have been crying out for the Road Warriors, since it’s unlikely to ever happen.  Well, never say never.

– The Bash PPV is showing good trends leading up to the show, but Dave thinks that those in charge will take it as a sign to stay the course, Neddie, when in fact it only means that the Bash concept is over even as business is basically collapsing on them.  Estimates of a $1.6 million payday out of the PPV show will probably help keep the bill collectors at bay, but overall they don’t have anyone drawing.

– Speaking of their financial woes, rumors persist that Ted Turner is buying the NWA, although absolutely no deal has been done.  Apparently Turner has a new network called TNT and he wants a two hour WCW show featured on it.  What a stupid idea THAT would be.  The two sides are millions of dollars apart, and the big sticking point involves the potential buyout of CNN by ABC’s parent company.  Obviously that fell through.

– Over in Japan, The Road Warriors dropped the International tag team titles to Yoshi Yatsu & Jumbo Tsuruta, notable because it was one of the rare times where a Dusty Finish was done in Japan (called an “NWA Finish” here) in order to avoid having the Warriors do a clean job. 

– One weird Japanese bit that I forgot to mention before was Bob Orton and Carl “Jason the Terrible” Moffat as a team in New Japan, but playing pirate brothers named Billy & Barry Gasper.  I don’t even know what to do with that.

– Over in Memphis, Dave is pretty impressed with a kid named Bob Holly, who is teaming with Pat Rose and is “trying to work like Bret Hart”. 

– The AWA did another taping, only drawing 750 people to the Showboat this time, and the rash of no-shows continue.  Dave sarcastically notes that Ricky Morton decided to “take a vacation” before starting with Crockett again, whereas Robert Gibson decided to actually fulfil his dates, giving us the awesome duo of Gibson & Greg Gagne.  Perhaps the most boring tag team combination in history.  Man, Dave was just all guns blazing against Ricky Morton at this point.  To make matters worse, Verne is just outright advertising the Rock N Roll Express in the main event of shows where they’ve already said they’re not going to be there.   

–   Apparently Madusa did a photo shoot for Playboy at this point.  Did that ever end up in the magazine?

– Finally, Joe Pedicino’s “Wrestle-Thon” special mentioned last week featured a funny spoof of Crockett’s TV show, as they spent an entire two-hour show hyping the main event and then didn’t start until 2:00 before the end of the show, at which point the credits started to roll.  But then the authority figure ran out and yelled at Pedicino to keep the show going because they didn’t do that sort of thing, and they showed the entire 13 minute match on TV. 

Back tomorrow as we move into July!