Biggest discrepancy in work

I was just thinking about the Bushwhackers (don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason), and would easily rate them one of the worst tag teams of that particular era. Poor work, poor selling, awful comedy… but then I think of them as the Sheepherders and while they weren’t great, they were at least capable of having good matches. Another that comes to mind is Rick Martel. As soon as he was fully into his Model phase, his in-ring work was beyond terrible, but outside of that, an above average worker for the majority of his career. Any other instances you can think of where a gimmick completely killed someone’s match quality?

​Undertaker comes to mind immediately. He was pretty decent as Mean Mark and then worked a deliberately shitty style when he became Undertaker. I also thought that the Godwinns were a decent brawling team in WCW as Slazenger & Pierce and once they turned into bumbling pig farmers they pretty much went rapidly downhill. ​