Wrestling Observer Flashback–06.20.88

We’ll take it week-by-week now I guess, since this is gonna be a regular thing now and I don’t wanna burn through everything.

– Top story this week is Clash II, which Dave notes was kind of a flop at the live gate with only 2700 paid, probably due to the awesome advertising job they did.  As an example, Dave provides a picture of the flyer, showing what appears to be pictures of Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson from 1982 and no other information.  However, it did a 4.7 rating, which TBS was ecstatic about, so expect this shows to be around for a while.

– The Rock N Roll Express actually returned for this show, and Dave notes that they already pulled the bad tooth in January, so why would you put the tooth back in your mouth five months later?  Future WON Hall of Famers, ladies and gentlemen!

– Dave’s ratings for the show:

Barry Windham d. Brad Armstrong *3/4

Fantastics d. The Sheepherders ***3/4

Garvins d. Rotunda & Steiner *3/4

Nikita Koloff d. Al Perez by DQ **1/2

Dusty & Sting d. Tully & Arn by DQ  ***1/4

Those are actually all over the place compared to mine.  Either way, it wasn’t a very notable show.

– Dave watched Body Slam with Roddy Piper and Tama.  It was awful.

– Onto the WWF:  There is a “new manager” headed in called “Brother Love or something like that.”  He will wear a mask and be based on preacher Ernest Angel.

– The Rick Martel injury angle with Demolition was because he’s taking a few months off to be with his wife while she recovers from surgery.

– Hulk Hogan begins filming his movie pretty soon, which would end up as “No Holds Barred”.  Vince is apparently looking for someone to “do the job” to Hogan in the climactic battle, and Stan Hansen was the guy being asked.  He ended up in the movie, didn’t he?  Dave wonders why Vince feels the need to get someone from outside the WWF when there’s tons of people willing to put Hogan over from within.  Well then we wouldn’t have had ZEUS, I guess.

– World Class continues to not live up to its name, losing syndication by the day while Ken Mantell splits off on his own with “Wild West Wrestling”.

– Up in Oregon, Johnny Ace and The Terminator are being billed as “The Junior Road Warriors”.  Wah wah wah.

– Suddenly in the middle of the NWA section while discussing the Bash PPV, Dave has a heading of FLASH READ THIS FIRST and announces that the 8/29 WWF show at MSG will be a PPV called “Summer Slam 88” with the Megapowers vs. Megabucks as a main event.

– Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersole will apparently be co-producing a Bob Costas late night talk show (!?).  Dave actually addressed this one on the radio show last week, and the idea went nowhere.

– Joe Pedicino is doing a special movie marathon with wrestling wrap-arounds between commercial breaks.  The segments will be hosted by David McLane and Paul E. Dangerously, and Dave giddily notes that he wants to see those tapes.

– Verne has decided to replace the Rockers with Ricky Rice and John Paul as his new babyface tag team.  Dave notes that there is zero chance that this will work, much like when Vince decided to replace Lou Albano with Oliver Humperdink.  Very true.

– So later in the same newsletter in another WWF section, Dave notes that this Brother Love will be Bruce Pritchard, who will not be masked and not be managing, and rather just doing an interview segment.  I’m so glad he eventually hired an editor.

– More late notes at the end of the issue as Dave just crams everything in off the top of his head:  Samu introduced a new partner in World Class named Tafu or Fatu, and he’s Tama’s twin brother Solofa Fatu.

And finally he’s run out of news, so that’s it for the week!