No Balls?

After that mention of Sunny in the HOF, I checked out to see if Sunny came up as a HOF superstar, which she does. That led me to checking who else was kicking around in the Alumni section: No Benoit, obviously, but AJ Lee and CM Punk are still there. It was weird to see how the ECW and WCW alumni sections only included wrestlers who also worked for the WWE. One that was missing though: Balls Mahoney. Obviously there are other oversights, but for a site that includes characters like The Bunny, why wouldn’t Balls (who spent three years with the company!) be listed? Any thoughts?

​Someone e-mailed me after the Sunny video came out to tell me that the HOF listing was gone, but that seems to be not the case. I think everyone kind of figured they’d pull it. Perhaps if she had done the sex tape AND made racist comments at the same time?

As for Balls, usually there’s some petty reasoning behind it, like he won’t sign a Legends-type deal or he demanded too many icepacks or something. ​