Jericho – Rooty Tooty Booty

Hi Scott,

Will "Rooty Tooty Booty" from weeks ago end up being known as the moment that Jericho’s promos OFFICIALLY jumped the shark?

I was a big Jericho fan in WCW…..dug his silly ways and his eventual WWF debut and climb to world championship status, so this isn’t coming from a "hater". And I’m perfectly fine with his in-ring stuff at this point. But that became the second time that I can remember turning off an episode of Raw in middle of a Jericho segment…..the other being some years back when Jericho was doing a segment with Miz and someone else, and Jericho and Miz started trading "REALLY???", ending with Jericho stretching it out REA-EA-EA-EALY presumably to emulate his old Never, E-E-EVER catchphrase.

And the worst part is……he apparently acted snippy about it when some folks mentioned how stupid that entire segment with New Day was…..rather than just accepting that "hey, yeah, maybe that wasn’t my best work" and moving on. So it’s almost like he’s bordering on delusional….thinking not only was there not a problem with it, but even worse….it was actually FUNNY and it STARTED A CHANT (maybe 1/3rd of the arena actually participated in that, from what I could tell).

Or will he eventually deliver a knockout of a promo at some point and make us basically forget about this temporary setback ?

​No, I think Jericho’s too far inside the bubble at this point. There was that point in 2012 when he was doing the silent troll gimmick and it seemed like the perfect end point for the character so he could go be a rockstar, and then he just kept coming back less entertaining each time. He’s got Mick Foley Syndrome: The formerly entertaining top guy who now jobs to midcarders and tells Dad Jokes. ​