Roman vs Brock II….why not now?


I fail to see why WWE have not capitalised on Brock’s celebrated Wrestlemania 30 win and his overall victory over The Undertaker.

They’re hell bent on getting Roman over and wisely chose to delay his vindication at WM 31. Why not get the re-match with Brock (last year’s match was great) and have Roman win? I know Roman will get booed, but he’s getting booed anyway and it never stopped WWE pushing Cena 05/06. A reaction is better than none. Moreover, to beat the 1 in 22 – 1 at the biggest Mania ever is one of the biggest vindications going. Bigger than beating HHH, which Roman did two years ago. Let Brock be authority backed – who cares how the crowd react, WWE have had deaf ears for a long time now.

HHH could then match up with a face Bray Wyatt. You can either give Wyatt the win (which I don’t think he deserves) or let HHH go over making him strong for Roman (which I much prefer, sure many will disagree with me there – yea, Bray sucks….I said it).

Then you’ve got:

Taker/Cena (Balor, AJ, Sting or some other marquee name)

​I’m not sure I agree 100% with your detective work there, Lou.

I feel like they really only have two top drawing names left outside of Undertaker, in Brock and Reigns, and putting them together would be kind of counterproductive. Ideally you want two top matches and I don’t think HHH v. Bray would be one. Plus at the very least Brock v. Bray has something resembling a storyline behind it. And Vince apparently is opposed to rematches at Wrestlemania, so you might as well get used to Reigns/HHH and Brock/Bray. IT’S GONNA HAPPEN, PAL.​