RF Video Face Off #9: Extreme Rivalry with Raven and Tommy Dreamer

This was released in 2010

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs for two hours and eleven minutes long


The first question asked is who came up with the idea for their feud. Raven talks about how Paul Heyman wanted to get Dreamer over as Raven said they needed to create a backstory and involve emotion, which is what sells tickets. Raven said he came up with the storyline of knowing Beulah McGillicutty from Summer Camp as a kid. Dreamer said they were both in a crossroads of their careers as Raven started to get his character over while he finished his feud with the Sandman and not where he wanted to be himself.


Raven talks about how promoters live vicariously through the gimmicks they create, such as Vince McMahon with the “Million Dollar Man” and All-American Lex Luger gimmicks. Dreamer then talks about Heyman not trusting Raven as he thought he was a mole for Vince, as Dreamer chuckles about that. Dreamer then talks about how he was with Heyman and Johnny Grunge at the China Club where they met Raven, Stan Lane, and Shane McMahon. Dreamer said they had a great night. From that, Raven and Dreamer worked on their first show a little bit afterwards and immediately hit it off.


They talk about how they would always agree to do what is best for the product, even if they disagreed at times. Raven talks about how he has a problem with people hanging on to their postions just because they can and if you cannot “carry the ball” then you should not be given it to begin with.


Dreamer then brings over the first photo Beulah sent in to Heyman to get her job as he jokes about how when they all first saw it, they thought she had a penis because her hand was over her genitals. Raven then adds that Heyman probably would have preferred it if she did have a penis.


Now, Dreamer and Raven make fun of Feinstein and how he makes sounds in the back during the interviews. Dreamer said that these interviews are boring to watch and suggests that he add clips and photos of other stuff during the actual interview.


Raven talks about how you do not need to take “eight bumps” to get over as all you have to do is what it takes to get the match over. Raven then says today, everyone wrestles for “parity” and how that doesnt work as their needs to be winners and losers and some of them have to be presented as “mega stars.”


Dreamer tells a story of how he busted open Raven’s head. They were in Florida and in the infancy of their feud, just as it was getting hot. They were filming something at a bar called “Gilly’s” were Heyman told Dreamer something was going to happen. So, what happened was Dreamer leaned against a cigarette machine when out of nowhere Raven runs in and blasts him into then machine. The was a camera filming a commercial for the show as Heyman told Dreamer to fight back and he busted Raven open. Dreamer had no idea that Raven was going to attack him, which actually shocks Raven when he hears this.


They are asked how Brian Lee added to their feud. Dreamer said that he was a guy who came in after being the Fake Undertaker in the WWF while Raven said he was the funniest guy ever. Raven said the only time he ever broke character was in a match with him before saying how he had a lot of demons.


Dreamer said that Terry Funk helped him out a lot and gave the advice of being himself and to grow some facial hair, because he was “too pretty.”


On the women in their feud, they both talked them up as all being great. Raven tells a story about offering Chastity a tryout and she was terrible. Raven begged to give her one more night and she was a lot better. They both put over Peaches for being great.


Dreamer tells a story about Funk. They were in Japan on a train when Sandman, who Dreamer said is athletic, grabbed a hold of the stirrups and pulled himself up and began to walk up the wall. Funk thought he could do it and was drunk at the time. While still holding on to his beer, Funk did it but ended up falling straight down on his head. They all thought he was seriously injured but Funk just got up and said that was the stupidest thing he has ever done.


We get another story from Dreamer, this time about Raven. They were in a match as Dreamer said that Raven tried to be like Ric Flair and put his blade on his finger. They were wrestling and Raven went to toss Dreamer outside of the ring and when he landed, Dreamer was in a lot of pain. At first, Dreamer thought he landed on something but it turned out that Raven’s blade stuck in his shirt and ended up “Fish-hooking” his back. Raven then talks about how Dreamer and Cactus Jack almost broke his back when they shoved him in a garbage can and wheeled him into the wall.


They talk about some of the spots they did for the crowd. Dreamer once took a bite of blueberry pie before piledriving Raven on top of it.


Raven talks about the end of ECW. He said that Dreamer needed a break and Heyman was really burned out. Dreamer talks about how he would have needed a heel turn and that Raven would be a face to go up against Justin Credible.


When asked about winning the ECW Tag Titles together, Dreamer thought it was cool. Raven had just quit WCW and the fans had no idea he was returning. The Dudley Boyz were leaving for the WWF and the plan was for them to take the titles and bring them to the WWF. Raven said Bubba wanted to have a sendoff but he talked him out of it as you cannot have both a happy ending and dropping the titles because you need to play a bigger role to a bigger hand.


Dreamer thought that having him team with Raven was a good way to keep their feud fresh and how Heyman loved tag team partners who did not get along and brought that with him to the WWE.


Raven said when ECW was on TNN, there wasnt enough room for them nor did they have the money to be a third top company. Dreamer said that when they switched over to Spike TV, they got “jobbed out” and were promotion among other things but told they did not have enough money, only for the network to give the WWE $110 million just eight months later.


On the end of the ECW, Raven talks about how Heyman was great at taking people nobody knew and turning them into stars but once that well dried up, he resorted to trying to make other guys stars and that ended up failing because there wasnt enough stars there to put them over.


When asked about the legacy of their feud, Dreamer jokes that he lost all the time then said when fans see him today, they talk about missing ECW and that Raven vs. Dreamer was the best.


Raven talks about how they worked together in the WWE. He was miserable because they were jobbing him out and he would have quit if not for the money he was making. Dreamer talks about how today, they are excited to wrestle each other again.



Final Thoughts: This was a fun interview. I dont know how that comes across in this write-up but these two guys had great chemistry and a lot of fun here.

They told some good stories here and Raven talks a lot about psychology, saying a lot of the stuff he has in the past.

The rivalry these guys had lasted a long time and even spawned a second “Face Off” shoot were they give commentary on some of the best matches and moments of their feud.

Anyone who is a fan of ECW, I recommend this shoot. Other than that, I cant really say that I do as you can learn more about ECW from other shoots, even with Raven.


You can purchase the DVD of this shoot for $20 or download a digital copy for $9.99 by clicking on the links below:




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