A ghoulish “What if?”


Morbid hypothetical question: if Chyna were to die at some point in the near future, how do you suppose WWE would respond? 10-15 second "IN LOVING MEMORY" blip followed by a one-way trip down the Memory Hole? Selectively amended Network retrospective? Passive-aggressive posthumous hit piece? For that matter, do you think Vince/Trips/Steph would be more open to the idea of posthumously inducting her into the HoF? Seems to me that for all his, "Won’t SOMEONE think of the CHILDREN?" sermonizing, Trips’ rationale for keeping her name and legacy at forty-foot arms’s length has more to do with the fact that ol’ Joanie’s clownshit insane and neither he nor anyone else who answers to the shareholders wants her within a country mile of a live microphone. Thoughts?

​I think they just continue to ignore her like they have been. Sunny, for example, has already been quietly scrubbed from the Hall of Fame site and I can’t see them ever opening themselves up to ugly questions from sponsors by acknowledging the existence of Chyna again. ​