Question on lost 5 star match

Hey Scott! Daily reader and first time emailer with a question about a subject I’ve stumbled upon recently… What is the deal with the match between Todd Magee and Bret Hart in the 1980s that David Meltzer, Hart himself, and Vince McMahon loved? You would think this 5 star classic carry of Bret getting the best out of a green broomstick rookie would be on DVDs or the network in some form.

This impossible to find video recording surely has to be pro wrestling’s The Day the Clown Cried in that a mysterious and intriguing video is presumably hidden away with only a select few to have ever seen it. Colt cabana as an insider couldn’t get a copy of the match despite weekly requests. David Meltzer claims he got a tape in the mid-90s from an unknown source and it seemed a little sketchy and mysterious.

Just curious if you know any details or if you can explain the whole strange mythology behind this one? Is this match hidden away for any reasons or did they just loose the footage?

Thanks- Patrick

The tape was apparently cursed by a gypsy who had been working for Vince McMahon Sr. in the early 70s and got fired in the expansion era. She was working in the video department and hexed the match as revenge. All who watch it suffer soon afterwards. Shawn Michaels watched the tape in 1997 and lost his smile. A series of main eventers watched it earlier this year as a gag and all went down with shoulder injuries. Eric Bischoff planned to show the tape on an episode of Nitro in 2001 once he bought the promotion, and it killed off WCW for good. Paul Heyman put a still image from the tape on all his cheques and they bounced. Even Meltzer fell down the stairs that time and broke his ankle.