The booking of Brock in the ’16 Rumble

Scott, I’m surprised more people aren’t as mad as I am at how Brock was booked. You were one of the only ones to notice Brock meekly walking away after getting eliminated.

What is the storyline justification for that?! Brock has been booked as a destroyer and loose cannon. That’s what made everyone pop like crazy the night after WM when he was destroying everything and everyone after getting screwed out of a title rematch with Seth. THAT is how you book Brock Lesnar. This time, in the story he gets screwed out of getting his title back by a bunch of cowardly gang members and….politely accepts his fate and walks away? WTF? If this was Stone Cold, he would’ve been booked to run back into the match to kill everyone with chair shots and Stunners.

This has badly hurt Brock’s mystique.

​Don’t worry, once he gets permission from Stephanie to be mad about this, he’ll seek some vengeance after getting the proper documentation with HR. And then shit will be ON. ​